Warm weather increasing outage risk

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PowerLineTreeGVEA members are experiencing localized outages and power blips today due to the warm weather.

Heavy snow and frost that have accumulated on trees and power lines is off-loading. As the snow drops off, power lines and trees can come into contact, causing a momentary short. When this happens your lights will blink off and on. We call this recloser* action. (More on this in a minute).

If your lights blink please do not call us. We only need to hear from members whose power has been out for 15 minutes or more.

What should you do?

1. If your lights are blinking, unplug sensitive electronic equipment. It’s a good idea to use surge suppressors to protect your valuable electronics.

2. If your lights go out, check with the neighbors to see if they have power.

3. If you’re the only one who’s out, check your breaker panel and reset your main disconnect switch. It may have tripped.

4. If your neighbor is out too, decide which of you is going to call GVEA. There’s no need for both of you to call.

5. Wait 15 minutes to call GVEA. Most outages are corrected within 15 minutes.

If your outage has gone longer than 15 minutes we want to hear from you. Longer outages are indicative of trees in power lines or a transformer problem that could affect an entire neighborhood.

The snow on tree branches gets heavier as it thaws by day and freezes at night. Heavily laden trees bend into power lines causing outages. The November wind storm weakened a lot of trees in the Interior. Be prepared for the next outage.

*Recloser – a switch which functions like a circuit breaker, protecting primary circuits from fault conditions. A blink is a temporary fault – like a tree branch falling onto the line and then to the ground.


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