We’re giving away FREE trees this Saturday, May 14

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Stop by our offices at 758 Illinois Street from 9 a.m. to noon to pick up your free tree. This year, members can choose between a Canadian red chokecherry and a late lilac.

Maybe this information will help make your decision easier:

Canadian red chokecherry

  • Hardy tree or shrub
  • White flowers appear in late April and May
  • Leaves begin green then change to red as they mature and finally turn reddish-purple in the fall
  • Matures at 20 to 30-feet tall and has a 15 to 25-foot spread
  • Prefers full sunlight and well-drained soil

Late lilac

  • Hardy shrub
  • Purple and white flowers bloom in late spring and early summer (May to June)
  • Grows 6 to 10-feet tall and 4 to 10-feet wide

GVEA members in Delta and Nenana may pick up trees during business hours on Friday, May 13, at our offices in those locations.

For 21 years, GVEA has given away trees in conjunction with Arbor Day (the third Monday in May).

Canadian Red Chokecherry

Late lilac


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