What should I do if I see a tree in the power line?

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If you see a tree resting on a power line, contact GVEA immediately.

First, is the tree in the power line or near the power line?  There’s a big difference.  Do you still have power to your house?  If a tree is resting on the power line or has torn down a line, give GVEA a call immediately at 452-1151.

Second, is the tree on the line that serves the neighborhood (GVEA’s primary line) or on the line that connects to your house?  The line connecting your house to GVEA’s system is called a service drop. While GVEA maintains the area under the primary lines that serve the neighborhood, homeowners are responsible for maintaining the trees growing near their service drops.

Contact GVEA and we will evaluate the situation and make recommendations. Further information can be found at


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