Winter Storm Warning Issued for Interior AK

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The various news agencies are all reporting a winter storm is heading towards the Interior of Alaska. The reports indicate that we should expect 6 to 12 inches of snow, accompanied with strong winds at the higher elevations. To read the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner’s Article on this storm, click here.

GVEA has been promoting our Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) phone system for months, which works in tandem with our Outage Management System (OMS). Should you experience an outage and need to report that outage, you’ll benefit by having the contact information associated with your account updated. You may have several phone numbers on file (e.g. home number/land line, your cell number and/or your spouse’s cell number).

By having your contact info updated, the OMS will match the number you call in on with your electric account number. This has proven to be beneficial to both GVEA and our members. You can even select a prompt to have an automatic call-back when we believe your power has been restored.

Two Important Notes:

  • You’ll need to have your account number handy when you update your info via the IVR system; you can find this on your monthly billing statement.
  • If the Dispatchers’ focus is on other things (e.g. assessing a significant outage, calling crews in, firing up generation facilities, etc.), they may not be able to answer the incoming calls. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that members calling in NOT select the option to “speak with someone.” Instead, let the system automatically record your outage. The reporting of an outage should not take more than a total of a couple minutes. If you find that you’re on hold (or in a loop) for more than a couple minutes, please hang up and call back in.

Besides having current contact information on file, GVEA also recommends being prepared for outages. On our website, a compilation of useful information has been assembled. Simply click here:

  • To view the Outage Map (click on the icon to reveal more info on that particular outage).
  • To access the Account Maintenance Form (another way to update your contact info).
  • To view a chart that explains the Steps to Restoring Power.
  • To review suggested steps to follow if your power goes out.
  • To review a suggested list of items for an Outage Kit.
  • To download GVEA’s Generator Booklet (advice and installation).
  • To review recent Facebook posts (outage updates).


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