GVEA Breaks Ground on Alaska’s Largest Solar Project

Golden Valley Electric Association has begun construction of a 563-kilowatt solar demonstration project in South Fairbanks.

GVEA’s solar installation will be the largest photovoltaic (PV) system in the State of Alaska. The project should produce enough energy to power 71 homes (using an average of 660 kWh per month).

“GVEA is expanding its renewable energy portfolio with the addition of this solar PV system,” said Cory Borgeson, GVEA’s President & CEO.

GVEA’s Board of Directors approved this project last fall. A local Fairbanks business, ABS Alaskan Inc. will supply the 1,760 panels, each of which has a peak generating potential of 320 watts. “This solar farm will give Golden Valley a better understanding of the performance of a solar farm on our system and the resulting cost per kilowatt-hour,” Borgeson said.

Crews are constructing the solar project on a 3-acre parcel between Van Horn Road and Bidwell Street. The site is located next to GVEA’s Wilson Substation and the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). There’s room for future expansion, and the panels will be visible looking north from Van Horn Road.

The project will cost just over a million dollars to complete. A grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program will offset $225,000 of the cost.

Golden Valley has a dedicated web page for the project – to be redirected to that web page, click here. The page includes a 2-minute explanatory video from project manager Nathan Minnema, and a live video feed of the construction as it happens will be available soon.

Does GVEA Owe You Money?

GVEA has unclaimed capital credits for the years 1988 and earlier

Golden Valley Electric Assn. is seeking members who have unclaimed capital credits for 1988 or earlier. One of the advantages of being a member of a not-for-profit electric cooperative is you have a stake in the financial success of the co-op through capital credits.

Capital credits are assigned each year to members in proportion to the amount of electric service they purchase. The allocated amounts are called capital credits, and they are used by GVEA to keep the co-op financially sound and able to provide safe, reliable electric service by investing in substations, poles, lines and other critical infrastructure. in other words, GVEA uses this money, for 25 years, as operating funds until the capital credits are retired and are issued as refunds when the financial condition of the co-op permits, as determined and approved by the GVEA Board of Directors.

Visit www.gvea.com/resources/capitalcredits to see if your name is on the list of unclaimed capital credits for 1988 and earlier. If you are on this list, please submit a Capital Credit Contact Form by December 15, 2018. If you have recently contacted us regarding your capital credits, there is no need to contact us again.


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