Benevolent Fund FAQ

Why was Love INC chosen to administer the fund?

Love INC is charging no administrative fees to administer the fund on behalf of GVEA, meaning that there will be more funds available to assist members. Love INC also administered the CARES Act funds, the AHFC assistance program, and will be reviewing similar eligibility criteria here. Additionally, Love INC is connected to over 50 programs and services that may further assist members in need.

Where is the money coming from for the Benevolent Fund?

GVEA's Board of Directors approved a contribution of $250,000 to start the fund. This money comes from GVEA's non-operating funds (i.e., rents paid, interest earnings, etc.). These costs are not recoverable through rates as they are not associated with providing electric service to our Members. Therefore, Members will not see an impact on their bill due to the fund.

If I am approved for financial assistance, how much can I receive?

Members approved for financial assistance may be approved for up to a maximum of $750. If the member owes less than $750 on an account, any credit shall be capped at the current account balance. In no instance shall any payment from the Benevolent Fund exceed the balance of the member's account.

Can I apply for this fund if I have received financial assistance from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation or from the Interior Regional Housing Authority’s Rental and Utilities Assistance Program for electric bills?

The Benevolent Fund is not available to those who previously utilized any COVID relief funds to pay electric bills. Additionally, no member may receive more than 1 lifetime credit from the fund. If a joint member also applies to the Benevolent Fund, they will not be eligible if financial assistance through the Benevolent Fund was already paid to another member on the account for the same service address.

Who is eligible for the fund?

To be eligible for the Benevolent Fund, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  1. The individual is a current member of Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA)
  2. The member is currently in past due or delinquent status and at risk of disconnect
  3. The member provides appropriate proof of financial hardship (i.e. layoff notices, bank statements, etc.) to Helping Alaska