Right-of-Way Easements

Ryan Van Dyke, Right-of-Way Foreman, works to clear an easement filled with obstructions.

Please remember that, as a member, you are required to provide access to crews per Golden Valley Electric Association's (GVEA) tariff. Rule 6.07 states: “Association equipment shall not be enclosed or obstructed by fences, landscaping, walls or other structures that in any manner prohibit access to the Association’s equipment, whether intended to secure the Member’s property or premises, or otherwise ... ”

Easements come in many forms. They can be public utility easements, GVEA specific, from other utilities, for trail access, etc. They are typically recorded when a subdivision is created and are oftentimes transferred with the sale of a lot, in perpetuity. The land underlying the easement belongs to the landowner. Powerline easements are typically 30 feet wide,15 feet on either side of the pole. The easement grants GVEA the right to access private property to construct, reconstruct, maintain and repair our infrastructure, in order to provide members with electricity. When the easement is filled with obstructions, our crews are not able to work efficiently or safely, which impacts our rates.

Without a powerline easement, it would be impossible to maintain a safe and reliable electric grid and provide power to you and your neighbors. Most importantly, a clear easement helps the men and women who work along power lines stay safe.

Please reach out to GVEA’s Right-of-Way Maintenance Department with any questions at (907) 458-5717.